The Pay-As-You-Go service is for promoters who wish to collect online registration, but prefer to collect the fees using PayPal or offline methods. There is a fixed transaction fee for each approved online registration. With Pay-As-You-Go, you pre-purchase a block of approved transactions. When the number of approved registrations approaches the total number of pre-purchased transactions, you can purchase additional blocks of approved transactions to increase the registration capacity of your event. Online registrations that use the our Credit Card Service do not count towards the number of online registrations covered by the Pay-As-You-Go Service.


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PayPal Integration

If you prefer to offer online registration and collect the fees using PayPal payment services, you can integrate the PayPal checkout procedure to the registration process. With the integration of PayPal to the STRONGVON system, the participant submits his online registration to the our server, and then he is immediately taken to your PayPal account's checkout page on PayPal's server. The PayPal checkout page is pre-populated with the registration details, and the online registration is placed in the pending list until you have verified a successful PayPal payment. Once the PayPal transaction is successful, you can approve the registration and send the email confirmation.

You must have a valid Premier or Business PayPal account to offer the PayPal payment method on your online registration form. You may configure the automated approval of pending registrations by enabling the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) feature offered by PayPal. With the IPN feature enabled on your PayPal account, the PayPal server sends the our server an automated message immediately after a successful payment of a registration. Upon receiving this message, our server automatically approves the pending registration and the email confirmation is automatically sent to the participant. This allows you to remain uninvolved in the registration approval process

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Offline Payment Methods

If you prefer to offer online registration without collecting online payments, you can offer your participants an offline payment method such as cash, check, bank transfers, offline credit cards, or other forms of external payment methods. With the offline payment method, your online registrations are put in a pending list until you receive the payment. Once a payment is verified, you can move the associated registration to the approved list and initiate the email confirmation. We charge you the small flat-rate transaction fee only when the pending registration is moved to the approved list.

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