You can purchase a number of options for an event to help the communication between you and your registrants. Site options add more features to an event. Pay for the option once, and it is enabled until the end of the event.

Site options can be purchased and enabled at anytime online through your login account on the Administration Software.

Event Options

The Basic Setup comprises all the service you need to quickly have your divisions configured, your online registration form set up, and have a custom banner designed for your registration site. Our staff can work off an existing registration form or other list of your requirements. After the initial set up you can modify any aspect of the set up to further tweak the event as you require. Our turn around for the Basic Setup generally runs about two business days.

For one low price, you gain our expertise without sacrificing a huge investment of your time. Have us set it up once, and then easily make copies for subsequent events.

The Website management module of the system gives you free access to change the background colors, background image, banner, and footer. However, promoters who want complete control over the style sheet of their registration site can purchase the CSS Option. Each registration site uses its own CSS file, we charge you a one-time fixed fee for each event where you want access to the CSS file.

The CSS file is fully commented with hints to indicate the level of control provided for each component on your website. This option requires a basic understanding of how to change CSS elements.

You can add the ability to send an Email Blast to any subset of your current registration list directly from the Administration Software. This will help you to keep your registrants updated with the latest news regarding your event.

We charge you a fixed fee to enable this feature on an event where you want to send a mass email to the registration list. You are permitted one one mass email a day until the end of your event. Each email can be plain text or HTML formatted.

If you are using an external registration system, you can use the Import feature to import registrations from a tab-delimited text file. We charge you a fixed fee per imported name, and you can pre-purchase any number of imported names. Unused pre-purchased import options can be applied to any other event associated with your account.

The easiest method of importing registrations using an external data source is to use the Full Service Import. With this option, we do all the work in importing your external data into your configured event. You send us your external data source file, and STRONGVON creates a complete import file and performs the actual importing for you. This save you time in preparing the data and ensures proper import of your registration list.

The Networking Option allows you to use multiple PCs in a Master-Slave configuration for simultaneous access to the registration database on a LAN. This option is a one time fee per event. You can network multiple computers on a local area network (LAN) to share the database of registrants with more than one administrators of your tournament.

Many tournament managers do this on the day of the tournaments to manage walk in registrants. By networking TSW you can set up multiple stations for data entry of registrations, set up multiple stations for look up of registrations, communicate by instant messages among stations for effective management of registrations and brackets.


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