Integrated Online Registration

The STRONGVON Tournament Management System was designed specifically for tournaments, making it easy for event promoters to immediately get up and running with a comprehensive registration site without the cost of expensive consultants. Its advanced tools gives you a powerful solution at a fraction of the cost of a custom programming project. With our system, there is no need to get a quotation from web programmers, and no requirement to understand complicated Internet concepts. The architecture of the system is flexible enough for you to create an online registration form that conforms to your requirement, yet easy enough to mask the complexities of creating a registration website.

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Are all Registration Systems Equal?

Today's tournament competitors are demanding the convenience of online registration. The old way of mailing, faxing, or handing in printed forms create a big inconvenience for both the competitors and the promoter. You can waste hours entering data from every printed form, not to mention the hassle of reading someone else's handwriting. Manual entries are always subject to the frustrations of incorrect data due to incomplete entries and typing mistakes. There is also a risk of data loss when printed registrations are lost in the mail, misplaced, or destroyed.

There's no question that providing online registration is the most convenient way of bringing the competitor registration to you. But not all online registration systems are created equal. Selecting the right tool will determine how useful online registration can be for you. Don't invest your time and money in creating an online registration form that serves very little in alleviating your work load.

Many online registration tools are simple forms that provide a way to collect the data but offer no database storage, no custom fields, no field restrictions, and no collection of registration fees. These types of forms simply send you an email of the collected data, which is little better than someone mailing or faxing you the printed registration form.

Other registration tools are not created for competition, thus you cannot customize the form in a way that makes sense for your tournament. These systems are often created for general purpose sales, or for events that collect little more than the contact information.

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