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The GD JIU-JITSU Events in association with the Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (AZSBJJF) is proud to announce the 3rd Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kids Cup. The competition will take place on April 23rd at the Westwood High School located at 945 W. 8th St. in Mesa, AZ 85201.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition will offer kids and juveniles divisions only! (4 to 17 yrs old).

IMPORTANT: Registration will be closed for the Kids division after reaches 300 competitors. The number of Juvenile competitors is unlimited.

GD Jiu-Jitsu Events will be offering FREE tournament T-Shirts to ALL competitors who Pre-Register for the tournament by the PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE on Monday April 11th @ 11:59 PM. Competitors registered AFTER this time will NOT receive a T-Shirt.

Each competitor must fill out the registration form online. The Pre-registration fee is $55 for the Juveniles (16-17 yrs) or and $45 for the kids division until April 11th. After this date, $65 for Juveniles and, $55 for the kids.

All registrations must be received by Monday, April 18th by 11:59 pm. No registrations after this date. Registration fees are non-refundable. No exceptions.

The brackets will be released before the tournament. On Friday, April 22nd, the brackets will be available online at our website.

Juvenile Division - The tournament is single elimination. Medals will be awarded to the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place of each division. Athletes will not compete for the third place. Two bronze medals will be given.

Kids Division - Every competitor will receive a 3 1/2" medal, and a Diploma. This is a single elimination tournament, but if the child loses in the semi-final, they will compete again. Top 4 are guaranteed in the podium.



Competitors have a chance to win a PS3 or a Nintendo Wii.

Every child has a chance to win the prize, regardless of win or loss.


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