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3 Creating and Editing the Promotion Code

You can create an unlimited number of promotion codes for your event at any time while logged into the server on the Administration Software. You can also edit a promotion code any time after you’ve created it, and the changes will be instantaneous. You must use the “Server” tab of the full software or the web version to create and edit promotion codes.

3.1 Adding a Promotion Code

To create a promotion code:

    1. 1. Access the list of tournaments in the Administration Software by clicking on the word Tournament on the left side of the window (from “Server” tab or Web version).
    2. 2. Select the event from the right side of the window.
    3. 3. Select the “Promotion” module from the left side of the window. This displays the list of existing promotion codes for the event (as shown in Figure 3).
    4. Figure 3. Promotion Module


    5. 4. Click on the “Add” button. This displays the “Add Promotion” window shown in Figure 4.
    6. 5. Configure the qualifications for the discount that is represented by the promotion code.
    7. Figure 4. Add Promotion Window


3.2 Fields of a Promotion

3.2.1 Code

The “Code” field contains the string that uniquely identifies the promotion code. This is the value that the registrant must enter in the “Promotion Code” field on the online registration form in order to apply the discount to the total registration amount. On the Administration Software, the value for this field is entered in the “Promotion Code” field on the “Payment” tab of the “Update Registrant” window. This field can be up to 40 characters in length. Invalid characters are: | = & ~ ' " + \

3.2.2 Name

The “Name” field descriptively identifies the promotion code. It is displayed on the Registration Acknowledgment email. The value can be up to 100 characters in length. Invalid characters are: |

3.2.3 Description

The “Description” field descriptively identifies the promotion code. It is displayed only in the Administration Software. It is not displayed anywhere the registrant can see. There are no invalid characters or limitations on the number of characters. Use this field to help you and your staff remember the function of the promotion code.

3.2.4 Start Date and End Date

The “Start Date” and “End Date” identify the period of validity for the promotion code. Both the date and time are configured, so you can be precise specifying the start and end of a specific promotion. The date and time you configure will be set to the time zone that you selected for the event on the “Update Tournament” window. If you are configuring the date and time for registrants who reside in a different time zone from your event, then remember to account for the time difference when you configure the start and end times.

The date format of either fields must be entered as “mm/dd/yyyy”, and the time format must be “hh:mm AM” or “hh:mm PM”. For example, the 1st of February 2009 at 1:05 pm must be entered as:

02/01/2009 01:05 PM

When you first click on the field, the Date and Time selection window will open so you can select the date and enter a time from a monthly calendar. Selecting the date and time from the calendar view will automatically put the date and time in the required format. If you prefer to type the date directly into the field, click on the “Cancel” button when the calendar view appears then type in the date and time. If you do not specify a time, then the assumed time is 00:00 AM, which is the absolute start of the day. For a promotion code to be valid, the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields must not be blank.

3.2.5 Maximum Redemption

The “Maximum Redemption” field contains the maximum number of times that a promotion code can be redeemed. This maximum count is evaluated against the total number of times that it the code saved in the “Promotion Code” field of all registrations, pending and approved, regardless of the whether or not the registration qualifies. This field is limited to positive integers only. If this field is blank, the number of redemptions is unlimited.

3.2.6 Discount and Type

The “Discount” and “Type” fields specify the discount that will be applied to the registration fees. The “Discount” field is the amount of the discount, which can only be expressed as a positive integer. The value for the “Type” field is selected from a pull down menu. If you select “Currency” the amount of discount is a fixed fee in currency of the tournament. If you select “%”, the amount of discount is a percentage of the registration fees.

3.2.7 Minimum Currency

The “Minimum Currency” is the minimum amount of the total registration fees (sum of all prices for the selected categories) without any optional store purchases. If the total registration fees is equal to or more than the value of the “Minimum Currency” field, then the discount will be applied.

3.2.8 Applied Categories

The “Applied Categories” section of a promotion code allows you to restrict a discount to a specific list of categories. The discount is applied to the price of that individual category. If the registration includes multiple categories that are all included in the promotion code, the discount is applied to each of those categories.

For example, consider a promotion code with the following configuration:

Let’s say the individual price for each category is $50. If a registration specifies both MEN and SENIORS, and the registrant applies the promotion code 123ABC, then he receives a $5 discount for MEN and a $5 discount on SENIORS. Thus, the total discount amount equals $10, and the Calculated Total Amount equals $90.

The discount of a promotion code that specifies a category is not applied if that category is used in a combination price. In continuing with the previous example, if there existed a valid combination price for MEN and SENIORS for $75, then the registration would not be qualified for the promotion code 123ABC, and the total registration fees would be $75.

To include a category in the list of categories that will receive the discount, click on the “Update” button window and move the category from the left side of the selection window to the right side.

3.2.9 Applied Fields

The “Applied Fields” section of a promotion code allows you to restrict a discount to a specific combination of registration fields. Section 2.1 shows the registration fields that can be used to restrict the discount.

To include a registration field in this restriction, click on the “Add” button and select the field from the pull down menu. Only registration fields that are listed in section Section 2.1 are available on the pull down menu. The registration field must also be included on the online registration form. To add a registration field to the online form, you must update the “HTML fields” area of the “Update Tournament” window, as shown in Figure 5. The qualification is not case sensitive, so values for the registration fields can be either upper case or lower case.

Figure 5. Changing the Registration Fields on Online Form


After you configure a registration field for a promotion code, you must specify the field’s value that qualifies a registration. The value must either be a specific value or any value that is matched with an existing registration. If you want to restrict the promotion code to a specific value, then click on the field to the right of the field name and enter the specific value. If you want to restrict the promotion code to any value that is matched with an existing registration, then enter “GROUPBY” in the field to the right of the field name. See Section 2.3 for details on the usage the “GroupBy” feature.

All registration fields that are included in the list of “Applied Fields” will be specify as the combination of registration fields that a registration must match before the discount is applied. You can also configure the required minimum and maximum registration counts of matching registrations in the existing database of registration (as described in Section 2.2).

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