Credit Card Service

The Credit Card Service is for those who want the convenience of having us securely collect and manage the credit card payments from your online registrants or buyers. You pay a percentage of the charged amount plus a small transaction fee. We collect the credit card payments from the registrants on your behalf, provide detailed tracking of the billing, handle backup credit card payments by phone, and pay you the collected amount at the end of the event (minus our service fees).

When participants submit their online registrations or purchases, they can choose to pay by Visa, Master, American Express, or Discover. Once the amount due is successfully paid online by the participant, his registration or order is automatically marked paid and he is emailed a confirmation. Because we automatically handle all credit card payments and registration approvals, you remain uninvolved in each credit card payment transaction.

There's no set up fee and no lengthy qualficiation process. Get started immediately in collecting online payments from your registrants. Download this application and agreement form and send it to us for quick approval.

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Why use the Credit Card Service?

The Credit Card Service provides you with a secure payment environment for your customers, while taking away the hassle of managing the online payments yourself. Don't make the mistake in thinking that handling credit card payments on your own server is an easy task. Credit card companies require compliance to specific practices when handling customer credit card accounts online. When you handle payments without such compliance, even if it's just collecting the credit card number on your website, you open yourself up for huge fines, not to mention put your customers' credit card accounts at risk.

Our Credit Card Service offers you peace of mind knowing that all registrations and online payments are securely handled over the Internet. Registration details are exchanged using SSL connections, which maximizes security and privacy. Online payments are handled using secured dedicated servers that comply with the strict guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry in its Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

You must be a qualified promoter of tournaments or martial arts events to use this service. Once you are approved, there is no limit to the number of online payments and approvals you can collect through the STRONGVON system. Approvals of registrations and purchases through the Credit Card Service do not use up any credits on the Pay-As-You-Go Service or Annual Subscription.

To quickly get set up with the service, simply download our application and agreement form and send it to us by fax or email. If you're a legitimate promoter of tournaments or martial arts events, you're likely to be immediately approved within one business day. There's no set up fee or complicated qualification process. Let us handle your credit card payments, so that's one less headache for you.

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