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Powerful Bracketing Tools

The STRONGVON Tournament Management System manages all bracketing functions in a single software application, eradicating the need for creating brackets using pencil and paper, or piecing together multiple software programs. Adding or moving competitors to and from brackets is very easy on the system. You need only to make a change in one place, and all affected brackets are instantaneously updated. We make it easy for you to cross reference between the registration details and the placements within the brackets.

Each competitor can be assigned to multiple brackets with a single registration entry. You can even configure divisions so that competitors are flagged if they are placed in a bracket without meeting the bracket's requirement for age, gender, and weight. Mix and match single elimination, double elimination, round robin, and custom match ups, all in a single event. Have the system automatically load brackets where teammates are separated on opposite ends, and then manually override matches where necessary. Instantly create your initial draws and publish them online for all to see!

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What's wrong with your way of bracketing?

One of the most difficult but essential tasks in running a tournament is generating and managing the competition brackets (also known as draws or pools). Historically, a tournament promoter assigns someone to create the brackets by hand with pencil and paper. Bracket managers would have to first look at a list of competitors and divide the names into groups according to specific criteria like combinations of gender, weight, and grading. Then he would hand write the competitor names from each division onto a blank bracket sheet, ensuring that the total number of matches on each half of the bracket are appropriately balanced.

Any adjustments, such as the addition and removal of a competitor becomes a big inconvenience because entire brackets are often re-drawn. The entire bracketing procedure would be so time-consuming and susceptible to mistakes that promoters would often close registration many days in advance and heavily penalize competitors for changing his or her registration after the brackets have been generated.

Some tournament promoters have started to use general purpose software applications such as spreadsheets and word processors to group the competitors and generate the brackets. However, in using standard office software, little efficiency is gained because the entire process is still broken into several disparate components. Data entry, generation of brackets, and adjustments are performed separately on each software application, resulting in duplicate data sets. Using a system of spreadsheets and word processors is still prone to error, especially when there are many last minute changes to the divisions.

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